Blevins Design Studio is Now Creating Hand-Painted Tile Work

Ordinary ceramic tiles can be painted! Creative designs in tile work always add a special touch, whether in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, patios, or any space you desire. Most of the tiles are painted in the studio, then sent back to the client for the tile workers to install. Individual tiles come with a hanger on the back, so they can be hung on a wall instead of resting on a stand. The choice is yours!

Naturally, custom designs are available. Since each tile is individually painted, you can choose the subject matter and colors to match the style and color scheme of your space, whether it be a bath, kitchen, entryway, restaurant, or office. You can also choose any wording you like on word tiles. This could be a family name, a quotation or aphorism, or a restaurant name. Contact me with your ideas and I can give you an estimate.

A sampling of the various styles and series:

Close-up of 6" x 6" Chardonnay trivet from the Grape Series: $150

Hand-painted tiles from the Vino series:
13" x 13" bottle and glasses tile: $50
4" x 13" "In Vino Veritas" word tile: $15
4" x 4" tumbled marble tile is actually a recipe holder: $15

A framed tile painting: Old World Tuscan

A kitchen back splash in tile, still on the painting board. The owners of this house loved their North Texas view and wanted it recreated in their kitchen.

Hand-painted tiles from the Old World Fruit series:
12" x 12" RojoTravertine tile: $70
4" x 4" recipe holder: $15

Hand painted 6" x 6" red travertine tile from the Le Coq series

Hand-painted tiles from the French Country Kitchen series. There are 2 separate tiles resting in a double plate stand:
13" x 13" bottles, garlic, and artichokes tile: $50
4" x 13" "Bon Appétit" tile: $15