Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Work

What kind of paint do you use?
I use acrylic paints because then I can SEE what the paints are doing while I am working. Glazes can be hard to get the look you're looking for because you can't always control how glazes will appear after firing, let alone see the effect of color upon or next to another color.
Do you seal the pieces after painting?
Yes, I seal every piece after painting.
What about tiles used as kitchen back splashes?
After I seal the back splash piece and send it back to you, your installers mount it and usually seal the whole back splash again. This technique works very well for low traffic areas, like back splashes where there is little scrubbing and no cutting. If you are interested in tile for a working surface, I advise using fired porcelain tiles.
What do you use for sealing, and is it safe around food?
I use a polyurethane sealant that will not yellow. While it is safe for your walls and tile, you DO NOT want to use any sealed tile for food prep as it is not a food-grade sealant.
Does the sealer smell bad or off-gas any toxic fumes?
By the time the sealant cures (about 48 hours) any off-gassing is done.
If I want a new design on the tiles, can you paint over the old design?
No, it's not possible to "re-paint" a tile as your background is the tile. However, it is possible to replace the tile with another. Your local "tile guy" can do this for you.

Custom kitchen back splash on tumbled marble tiles

Close-up of the custom-painted tiles