About the Artist, Ginny Blevins

I suppose at heart, I am a storyteller...

I grew up involved in theater, art, and ballet... "painting" with my body and "painting" with others to form a story.... A story of beauty, or sadness, or triumph, or defeat. Whatever the story, it seems it has to be told. The beauty of a child in a full laugh. The beauty of a young body builder at the height of his strength. The beauty of the light falling through the trees or the overcast splendor of a rainy day. I was born to tell the story.

God has granted me a unique insight and a grand talent... spread over so many different areas. With a degree in Technical Theater, Art & Dance... I found myself always drawn to the creative side of life. Retouching photography, floral design, makeup artistry, muralist, retail display work to designing store interiors and then constructing them. If the job didn't call for creativity, it soon became a position that required it. What fun life has been!

I've been doing art work for as long as I can remember. In grade school, I spent most of my time on the book report cover rather than the report itself. I filled my childhood with paints and inks and pencils and charcoal; weavings and pastels and collages and fabrics. Six years ago I added sculpting to the list. When asked what medium I like best, I reply, "the one I'm working on right now."

So many stories to tell... so little time.